Portrait of New York City photographer Salem Krieger

Photographer Bio

Salem Krieger, studied at the Chicago Art Institute, SVA NYC, Maine Photographic Workshop and the Santa Fe Workshop. He was very fortunate to have gained insight from several of his teachers i.e. Dan Winters, Bob Sacha of Media Storm, NYC. Early exposure to photography came while he lived together with advertising photographer Tony D'Orio, fashion photographer Jack Perno and portrait photographer Marc Hauser. Since his first assignment working with American Airlines photographing a travel story in Nicaragua to more recent architectural assignments with The Port Authority NYNJ, NIKE, Whole Foods, Star Bucks, Bottinogrund, MBI Group, NYC and the Manhattan Building Company.

Salem Krieger has approached photography with the same vision looking for clean, aesthetic choices, color to enhance the emotion and bring freshness to the architect or designers work. "I love collaboration with creatives...it is about reaching a goal we are both trying make real."

"Photography and video are my methods of interacting with the world.  I am a social person which attracts me to create portraits. At the same time, I am attracted to architectural photography because just like portraits, it is an examination of a "personality".

He is an architectural photographer and also specializes in location portrait photography.

"There is always the element of the unknown working on location, which is what makes location photography so desirable and fascinating. How the light fills the room, or how light gives character to a person.

Maybe a street light in the background, a dim bulb or a conference room with a sense of authority. 
All of these little visuals engage the mind and allow the photograph to tell a story."

Salem Krieger lives in NYC and travels worldwide for assignment and personal work.

CONTACT INFO: photo@salemkrieger.com 212-348-5844